Multifunctional Carrier for Retail

Multifunctional Carrier for Retail-IPC-MC-01-001

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These multifunctional carriers are designed for the retail industry to satisfy clients’ specific needs while safeguarding products. These carriers are ideal for a variety of retail goods, such as clothing and electronics. They can also be used in promotional displays on shelves, building brand and product awareness in the retail environment.

These carry solutions can be fully customized in terms of shape and size, and can utilize standard or high-quality printing techniques to showcase your company’s branding.

These multifunctional carriers are made from corrugated board with an integrated paper handle that allows for easy stacking on shelves. They are delivered flat for more stacking space and maximum shipping efficiency.


  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to carry
  • Allow easy stacking
  • Come with an integrated paper handle
  • Supplied flat for more stacking space and reduced cost

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