Slanted Tray Floor Stand Display

Slanted Tray Floor Stand Display-IPC-FSD-03-006

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These floor-stand display units with five slanted trays are suitable for confectionery products and other items packed in small shelf-display boxes. They can be fully customized in terms of shape, size and number of trays, and utilize high-quality printing techniques to showcase your company’s branding.

Corrugated floor-stand displays are designed to help maximize the impact of your promotions and build brand and product awareness in the retail environment and at events. These free-standing units consist of tiers, pockets or shelved units and are supplied flat with an assembly manual.

Floor displays can accommodate a combination of various parts, from a large attractive header board to a water-resistant base, a variety of shelving and display solutions, and leaflet dispensers.

Our innovation center can work closely with you to develop eye-catching designs and guarantee maximum shelf impact.


  • 100% recyclable
  • Build brand and product awareness
  • Supplied flat with an assembly manual
  • Available in various structural designs
  • Suitable for both short- and long-term promotions

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